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Bellezza (bel’lettsa) is an Italian word meaning “beauty.” Bellezza Photography of Alabama is a family owned Professional Photography company.


We are commitment to keeping things very personal.  We are Mike and Mary Ann Overton and we love making all sorts of art.


We especially love helping families freeze frame amazing moments of their lives that make treasured memories.


Our company was born out of love for people, art, and especially photography.


Our company takes advantage of the comprehensive training programs available through the 140 years of experience of Professional Photographers of America.  We continue adapting to the ever-changing trends and styles as well as techniques in shooting, lighting, posing, editing, lab and print processing methods involved in creating unique and timeless art.


Almost everyone enjoys snapping photos with the increased quality of modern mobile cameras. We love seeing so many taking an interest in sharing their special memories; and, this raises the expectations of those seeking professional photographers to capture “Life’s Amazing Moments.”


Consistently producing treasured art requires a considerable amount of training, equipment and experience.  However, technical expertise alone does not make a good photographer and true artistry can not be rushed. Recognizing the hidden beauty and capturing those special moments comes from a heartfelt love of people and their stories, and their life.


We understand the hard work and patience involved in the ability to produce a product that compliments each individual, naturally with minimum amount of retouching.   All of Life’s Amazing Moments should be remembered as what they really are, for family, for generations to come. You wouldn’t want  to chance missing it or risk having it done poorly.


Let Bellezza Photography show you what an amazing experience this can be.


Request information for a session now.  Please don’t let all our available bookings get taken up.


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